Little Known Ways to Save on Amazon

Here are the top tips and secret tricks I have for saving money on Amazon. Remember though please visit my post for safety tips and tricks for shopping online first! Thank you.


This one is a more well-known tips to follow (and it's easy to find)



This one's a little bit more underground hush hush stuff...

a) Do a general Amazon search for what you are looking to buy.

ex. Grill NOT. Weber grill 4000

b) Add this top secret code to the end of your Amazon URL (shown below):


c) Start using filters and sorting to narrow your search!

** to change to % off that you search for simply change the number in the top secret code.

ex. &pct-off=70-


Reminder, this at the top of our screen is the URL. Highlighted is the original URL the magic box loaded after we searched grill. Circled in red is my top secret code I added and once it looks like that I simply hit enter!



STICK WITH ME HERE! You want to use a computer so that you can download Honey! This is not an ad (I wish I don't get paid for this.. yet!)

Seriously though when it's important to you you make the time to do these things and nothing is doing too much so momma, daddy, and everyone in between and all around I gotchu!!!

Just google Honey browser extension and download it.


a) Tells you who, what, why, when, where, how, on lower prices on an item that you are looking at so if you're looking on Walmart but Target's got a sale and a coupon code on it $57 cheaper... Honey will give you the step by step to get it.

b) Honey will sell you a gift card like it's EBT (not that I've ever bought or sold EBT) but you get a deal.

c) You can track the price of an item! So for big ticket stuff.. I wanted a stroller wagon that was $300 well it went on sale on one site and Honey emailed me *~RUN YOUR STROLLER WAGON'S ON SALE RUN~*

d) It scans every site you visit to see if it can find coupon codes and discounts... obvious. I filled up a cart and it not only gave me 4 coupon codes but sold me a gift card like EBT and I paid less then half price.... worth it.

I believe there are more untapped uses to Honey that I will add as I uncover.


Amazon's Coupon page... simple enough. It's a page of coupons offered by merchants on Amazon.. Here's the link..

FIFTH: is a third party coupon site you can search for deals!

I highly recommend checking out my safety tips and tricks for shopping online post before purchasing anything.


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