Lazy person’s musts for shopping safely online…

Happy Day Beautiful People!

Before we get to the fun stuff we have to talk serious stuff.. online safety. Look, I'm no professional.... whatever this is.. but I have learned a few things from being scammed, working at and with plenty of banks, and processing payments over the phone and online for work. So here are a few of my tips and tricks.. PLEASE ADD! I


thank you bye... just kidding... not and ad but someone pay me...But honestly in all of my years of sketchy online shopping and seeing these scams from the financial institution side, this is the best thing you can do for moneys. Essentially it creates a temporary debit card number that's individual to each purchase or retailer, depending on your settings, and your total purchases with that retailer or individual purchase can not exceed an amount selected by you!

Ex. You want to buy this $43.97 watch on an IG Ad site. What you do is use the temporary card number they give you and use that on the IG Ad site (rather then the number on your physical credit or debit card) and you would have selected the amount you are allowing that purchase to go through as.. so maybe you allowed it to process up to $50, you will only see the actual purchase amount of $43.97 process on your bank account but say they tried to scam and take $4564 dollars... EEEHHHHHHH DENIED EEEHHHHHHHH ERROR ERROR!

Beautiful.. highly recommend.

2) Always google reviews on a business AND item before purchasing. Just make sure you don't google "(insert store/product name) reviews" search their BAD reviews specifically and check the dates.

3) If it is an Amazon or Walmart online order be sure to check who the vendor/distributor/sold by/shipped by....

a) Anything sold & shipped both by the store then you're safe if the price is marked .50 for a $37894789 TV you can fight it a bit... if shipped by Jim and sold by Bob... It's a scam no doubt.

b)Anything at least shipped by Amazon or Walmart is a safer bet because they are at least in warehouse.

*** btw if you want a bit of a Walmart run down and how they are just like Amazon, and money saving tips and tricks then check out my DL on WM post as well!

4) If you are sketchy cashapp me $2 send me the link and product and I'll tell you my opinion!

There are plenty more of tips but with these and a little bit of help you should be fine! Just use common sense too and don't throw the rest of it to the wind because I only put 4 things.

There's also these warnings...

-- Prices are ALWAYS subject to change.


-- If you purchase any glitches they are subject to be cancelled or a price adjustment.. if that happens you can cancel your order and request a refund.

-- Prices vary on location

If I missed anything please add below and, of course, questions are always welcome!


thanks for stopping by!

I am Alexandra I am a new business owner, a SA and DA survivor, a thrift store whore, a mom, a wife, and an intentional human being. Not to long ago though I was a broke, alcoholic, beat down single momma just trying to make it by. Now I share the ways I survived, got ahead, and all the things I'm still learning.

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