Fun Stuff: Finding the Deals!

Happy Day Beautiful People!

Now that we went over some safety precautions I'm sure you are ready to learn how to find some deals huh? Same, but every time I try to type it out I fear the information overload that this may bring. I'm going to try and organize this and then go into deeper detail on each avenue separate from this sort of info dump style we have here. Let's get in to it then...

Where to start?

Amazon, Walmart, Target... Our everyday stores.

  1. Amazon Coupons - Coupon Codes for Amazon

  2. My Vipon- Coupon Codes for Amazon

  3. Walmart Clearance

  4. The Target App

  5. BrickSeek- Both in store and online deals!

1 Amazon Coupon codes is pretty simple! You search here for whatever you are in search of and Amazon will refer you to any seller with a coupon code for that product.

2 My Vipon is really simple and similar to Amazon coupons. I search here first before checking Amazon.

3 is not just *wAlLyWoRld* anymore.. they are comparable to Amazon now with more brands and variety then instore. Searching the clearance on and sort from low to high is the fastest way to find good deals.

4 The Target app has a lot of discounts, coupons, and manufacture deals as well. They are located in a few different spots on the app but be sure to check the app for in store and online coupons before you do any shopping!

5 BrickSeek is a whole beast in its own! They are amazing and do the hunting for you and have retailers like the obvi WM, Target, Amazon, but ALSO Lowe's, Home Depot, and more!

Want to step it up a notch?

  1. Start shopping from your computer or laptop and use a private browser.

  2. DOWNLOAD web extensions (Honey, Capital One, Rakuten)

  3. Scan receipts on Ibotta, Fetch, Dosh.

  • Store's track what you are shopping for and will not show you lower prices because they know they essentially have you "hooked" so searching from different devices as well as different browsers can actually change prices by big numbers!

ex.. I was searching for some blue light glasses for days and I had a general style in mind but wasn't ready to commit.. i searched them a few times and was ready to commit to a pair of $20 plastic frame blue light glasses but before I hit BUY I went to my lap top, private browser (or delete cookies) and then I found a 3 pack for cheaper same brand, same style, different seller, lower markup.

  • Web extensions are MINT! They are the blessing of all blessings when used to their fullest extent! Not only do I get cashback, they literally watch the product I'm interested in and then notify me when the price has dropped! buuut when you are looking for something on Amazon and there is a better deal on Macy's for that same product it will pop up like HEYYYY! OVA HEEERE. They also offer discounted coupons as well. Not sure what it's all about but I've done it before. I was checking out and Honey popped up.. "Discounted GC for ****," "Pay $25.07 for a $32 gift card." I said let's find out.. paid honey $25.07 they put up a GC number for me to copy, I took and pasted that back in the original retailers card info box, and my card was only charged the $25.07. So it werked.

  • I'll be honest.. I haven't gotten into the receipt thing yet because I don't go out in public to be getting physical receipts but I highly recommend get that free money back ANDDD I'm going to look into the uploading of digital receipts when I get to it.

Just a few starters... again I will be posting each one in more detail with video and all. Until then if you have any questions or need help let me know!


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